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Complaint and Acceptance Channels

    1. Handling principles

    The principle of justice, equity, practicality and informer protection is the basic principle for the company to handle illegal behavior informing matters. The
    company will cautiously handle illegal behavior informing matters based on the above principle.

    2. Informing acceptance range

    Behaviors such as encroaching company assets, accepting bribes, stealing, seeking private gain through power, misusing authority, engaging in
    embezzlement and non action;

    Behaviors violating laws, regulations or company compliance management regulations and damaging legitimate interests of company, departments or
    company employees;

    Behaviors maliciously creating difficulties to business partners or employees and demanding bribes from business partners or employees;

    Part-time behaviors;

    Other behaviors violating company compliance management regulations and influencing and damaging interests of company.

    3. Informing requirements and approaches

    Informers can inform the company in real or anonymous name and list specific requests, facts and reasons. The company will take all reasonable preventive
    measures to protect the identity information of informers, consider all behaviors attacking and retaliating informers as behaviors violating company
    compliance management regulations and carry out investigation and punishment. In relative to anonymous informing, the company encourages real name
    informing and investigates and handles real name informating preferentially.

    Specific informing approaches:
    Informing hotline: 010-80429898-216 (Audit and Monitoring Department)
    Informing email: zhagm@bjhanmi.com.cn
    Besides the above approaches, company employees can also click “Opinion Collection Box” button in company CES system to inform behaviors violating
    The company will publish informing requirements and approaches to external staff such as associated companies, clients and business partners through
    official websites, etc.