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The Introduction of R&D Center

Since the establishment of Beijing Hanmi Research Center in 2008, it has continuously developed and expanded research capabilities with strong expertise and experience in drug development. Beijing Hanmi Research Center communicates closely with the research groups of Hanmi pharmaceuticals in Korea sharing innovative ideas and experience. This relationship facilitates international collaboration and competitiveness.

The research center is focussing its efforts on developing novel bispecific antibodies based on its proprietary platform, Pentambody™. Pentambody™ is an unique asymmetric bispecific platform technology that behaves like natural immunoglobulins while keeping the properties of 2 different antibodies intact in one molecule. Pentambody™ is a robust bispecific platform that can be used with variety of antibody pairs and has advantages over other bispecific formats.

The research center is equiped with cutting-edge equipments and facilities for the discovery and evaluation of bispecific antibodies, including the capability to conduct non-human primate studies in house which is an essential tool for studying immune modulating agents.

Beijing Hanmi keeps investing over 10% of its revenue in R&D, and the company has been certified as High-Tech Enterprise by the government of People's Republic of China since 2009. The research organization is authorized as Technology Center of Beijing City since 2011.