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“Human respect ,Create value”

Focus on Chinese children’s health
Beijing Hanmi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. adheres to the business philosophy of “human respect, value creation”, and takes the enterprise mission of contributing to human health by developing better pharmaceutical products. Bearing such sense of mission, it has led the social welfare undertaking.
As an excellent children’s pharmaceutical product manufacturer, Beijing Hanmi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has been developing public welfare activities for saving needy children based on such business philosophy. Besides contributing to orphanages, sponsoring premature infants, aiding prisoners’ children and offering free diagnosis & treatment services recently, it also plans in future to focus on funding activities aimed at needy children, pediatric patients with cancer and children in a single parent family.
Contribute to medical development in China by operating HMP medical website
The “HMP medical website” (http://www.hmphanmi.com.cn), owned by Beijing Hanmi Pharmaceutical, aims to provide Chinese doctors with free academic knowledge services. You can search the website for information of all pharmaceutical products sold in China. Besides, the website has a digital medical library, providing 200 thousand medical books, 3,040 thousand science books, over 8,000 kinds of foreign periodicals, over 1,000 kinds of Chinese periodicals, 140 thousand dissertations, over 40 thousand medical videos, etc. HMP has met doctors’ comprehensive requirements for learning, exchanges and living, and has provided practical and effective support for their clinical work, teaching and research. Currently, the membership of the website has reached up to 100 thousand.
Medilac-Vita loving-care medical kit
Children are often vulnerable to emergency diseases such as cold, high fever, stomachache, diarrhea, trauma and burn. For example, the survey result of Beijing orphanages shows that they only have a few emergency drugs. Accordingly, Beijing Hanmi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has placed 29 necessary drugs for daily emergency use into “Medilac-Vita loving-care medical kits” for storage, and from December 15, 2012, has began donating them to over 30 children welfare offices in Beijing, with an assurance that those drugs can be timely replenished in case of shortage.
Free diagnosis & treatment and drug donation activities
Beijing Hanmi Pharmaceutical provides free drugs required for diagnosis & treatment activities in cooperation with the Green Doctors etc diagnosis & treatment institutions; after the earthquakes in Ya’an of Sichuan and Yunnan, it has donated drugs to those disaster areas.
Annual “blood donation” activities
Over the past 40 years, Korea Hanmi Pharmaceutical organized its employees to develop blood donation activities after each year’s mobilization meeting. In order to respond to the calls from the International Committee of the Red Cross and the World Health Organization and practice human love, Beijing Hanmi Pharmaceutical has began developing blood donation activities each year in cooperation with the Red Cross Society of Beijing Shunyi Branch since from 2010.
Medilac-Vita loving-care volunteer team
For the purpose of actively developing social welfare activities aimed at the community, Beijing Hanmi Pharmaceutical has organized its employees to spontaneously join in the Medilac-Vita loving-care volunteer team. More than 60 volunteers, including Beijing Hanmi Pharmaceutical employees, Korean employees residing in China and their family, are actively developing various public welfare activities.
Each month, the Medilac-Vita loving-care volunteer team regularly visits children at the orphanage in Shunyi District, the Foster Home and the Rehabilitation Center for Children with Cerebral Palsy, donates food (such as milk powder and biscuits), drugs, clothing and toys, and plays games together with those children.
“Sun Village” voluntary activities by newly recruited employees
Beijing Hanmi Pharmaceutical regularly goes to the children-of-prisoners protection institution – Sun Village to carry out volunteer service activities; besides, from March 2013, it organizes its newly recruited employees to participate in voluntary labor at Sun Village, such as weeding and orchard tidying.