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CP Management Representation

Dear all colleagues:
2016 is a very special year for our company. Since establishment in 1996, 20 years have passed away. Looking back these 20 years, we always stick to the operation idea of “Human Respect and Value Creation” and strive diligently and hard. Since the establishment of the company to now, our company has developed into a modern pharmaceutical enterprise having international advanced business level and integrating “research and development, production and sales”.
Nowadays, domestic medical system reform is steadily promoted and constnatly deepeded, and the requirements of the state and society for transparency andlegality of operation in medicine industry are higher than those in any period. Our enterprise is faced with enormous challenge of “compliance management”.
In such social environment, one illegal behavior which only brings immediate tiny interests may arouse strong condemnation from social opinions and severe strike from government departments. Different from industries, the pharmaceutical industry is related to human health and life, and such a strike will make original brand image and social honor established by the company collpse instantaneously. Lessons drawn from others' mistakes in the same industry warn us that such an illegal behavior even will make company operation get into trouble and never recover.
Now, the moment for each collegue in big Hanmi family to actively respond to national supervision requirements has arrived long ago. We must improve awareness, positively face difficulties and go before this reform. Dear collegues, the enterprise’s achievement is made by each employee’s sweat and effort. We hope each employee could really meet all requirements in Compliance Management Regulations and help our company to develop persistently, healthly and vigorously.
Finally, I wish you to obtain considerable development in Hanmi and wish our company to create another brillant glory at a new starting point.

General Manager: Ren Hailong