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R&D centerIntroduction


The Introduction of R&D Center

Since the establishment of Beijing Hanmi Research Center in 2008, it has continuously developed and expanded research capabilities with strong R & D team consisted of excellent scientists (~160 members),Research space covers an area of 5,000 m² including biological, chemical, pharmacological, toxicological labs and a 600 m² animal room, which equipped with all kinds of equipment for R&D, including more than 100 sets of first-class equipment.

Beijing Hanmi Research Center has been certificated from China Government as High-Tech enterprise since 2009, Technology Center of Beijing City since 2011 and Beijing R&D organization since 2017.

‘Respect for Human Life’ and ‘Value Creation’ are two core values of Hanmi. We are dedicated to the innovative new-drug discovery including biologics, chemicals, and peptides mainly indicated for cancers, autoimmune diseases or metabolic disorders.