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R&D centerIntroduction


The Introduction of R&D Center

Since the establishment of Beijing Hanmi Research Center in 2008, it has continuously developed and expanded research capabilities with strong R & D team consisted of excellent scientists (~160 members), research space which covers an area of 5,000 m² including biological, chemical, pharmacological, and toxicological labs and 600 m² animal room, and equipments for analysis and in vitro/in vivo studies of pharmacokinetics, efficacy, and toxicology.

Beijing Hanmi founded Pilot Bioplant in 2014 which dedicated to biological medicines production of biological pharmaceuticals for clinical trial.

Beijing Hanmi Research Center has been certificated from China Government as High-Tech enterprise since 2009, and authorized as Technology Center of Beijing City since 2011.

We are dedicated to the innovative and global new-drug discovery including biologics, chemicals, and peptides mainly indicated for cancers, autoimmune diseases, or metabolic disorders.